Rhino Lip For Lexus GS

If you had been following my earlier post, my first bumper lip I got from e-Bay was a total mistake from the very beginning. 

After multiple impacts on the lip and having dealt with multiple loose rivets, I cut my loses, yanked the lip off, tossed it and had my bumper patched and re-painted. Disasters aside, it was time to move on.

Determined to not have my front looking stock, I found the Rhino Lip to be the perfect solution. Made from high quality Dura-Flex material based on the no longer available rubber chin-lip originally from Lotus, this is the sexiest universal bumper guard ever. 

Do note this is not the same as the cheaper foam knock-offs like the tape mounted EZ-Lip. (I love the way they educate their customers with a sample of the inferior EZ-Lip enclosed together with your package.)

Basically, the package came with almost everything you need (and more... Rhino Lip even included some interesting decals and a little booklet for your reading pleasure...) but I do recommend that you get more screws and washers to augment the installation for better mounting integrity. I started out punching out holes at 50mm intervals to begin with as this will help with the installation if you are doing it alone without lifting the front of the vehicle with a hydraulic jack or removing the bumper.

After some aligning, I got the Rhino Lip up in a few hours. Yes, I mounted the entire lip manually on my own with a good old screwdriver because power tools wouldn't fit between the bumper and the floor. To add, installation does require a fair bit of patience and those youtube video clips that paint the 5 minute picture was nothing but crap for the perfectionist. If you want it done right, invest in time, do it after your crying babies go to sleep. 

I'm sure the installation time could have been quicker if I had this done at a workshop but where's the fun in doing that, right?

Frankly, the end result was quite impressive as the Rhino Lip added some aggression to the front without me worrying much about scraping my front on kerbs, down slopes and speed bumps.

A highly recommended product with great value for money.

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