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The Return of the Blog

And so I have been away for the past three years. Much has happened since and I was pretty much occupied with getting my life together, a new home, coping with whatever that came my way rather unexpectedly. Presumably, I thought that my time with my Toyota 86 would last forever but it didn't. The idea of having that remarkable car was sound but the execution of keeping it wasn't. As it wasn't possible to have my cake and eat it too, I sold my Toyota 86, rather reluctantly after a transmission rebuilt and overhaul. The rear was getting too crammed and my girls were growing up. Unable to improvise made worst by the landscape of car ownership costs in sunny Singapore meant that I had to move on. "The Germans invented the diesel engine...and may other things that changed the world" Contrary to my usual belief, I moved on with a Mercedes CLA200 or what Mercedes calls a "4-door coupe." A good transition from a Toyota 86 because I get to retain the frameless wi

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