Power Window Master Controller Replacement

Like all things that age over time, we do expect some fair wear and tear for our old rust buckets. Unfortunately for me, I had a broken power window master controller switch and being unable to operate my driver side window certainly sucked because I could no longer buy my burgers from drive thrus!

While I could have gotten it fixed at the local workshop, I wanted a budget fix for my 12 year old Daihatsu Terios. Because almost everything can be bought via the world-wide web, a quick search pointed me to a couple of compatible units being sold on eBay and Amazon. 

But before you jump into it, it is advisable to (1) ensure what you are buying was for your car make/model/year; (2) take a look at the original controller to ensure the number of pins for the connecting harness and the physical appearance (shape and button positions etc.) of the compatible unit is the same. This requires some panel removal so pictured above is a general guide on how to do it. While panels and fittings vary from car to car, the panels usual come apart relatively easily after a couple of screw(s) have been removed but do be gentle and not break any plastic snap-on clips.

 "I am sure you wouldn't want to sink hundreds of unnecessary dollars on simple repairs"

Now for USD25.99 and free shipping, I got a compatible "Made in China" power window master controller shipped and received in 2 weeks. 

Removing the plastic panels and a swap is just a walk in the park. No modifications were needed as the replacement unit was directly compatible to the stock original.

There may be some superficial differences (as you can see on the right, the switches are printed different), it is obviously no big a deal.

Installed, she looked and worked as good as new! 

For those of us who are on a budget, I am sure you wouldn't want to sink hundreds of unnecessary dollars on simple repairs when a Do-It-Yourself fix was almost no trouble. 

The good news is that with Do-It-Yourself, you get to appreciate your car, hone your mechanical skills while saving some dough. You really do win either way.

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