Beeds HD Ceramic Coating Review

Since I had my Toyota 86 ceramic coated with Beeds last month, I've been enjoying the water beading and sheeting effect. Seriously, water really beads off the paint like a boss!

While I am not saying that there is a space age "Force Field" around my car, it is with no doubt that the benefits of these nano coats are far superior then wax and sealants. For a fact, they bond much better to the topcoat.

Rain or shine, the Beeds ceramic coating certainly doesn't wash or wear away like waxes, even with repeated car washes. The paint surface is consistently smooth to touch even after a month and repels water in a remarkable way that I have never seen with wax and sealants.

Because water doesn't really stay on the paintwork, the car would always be relatively dry after a drive even after a downpour. The advantage is obvious and there is a dramatic reduction in the accumulated dust/dirt on the car.

As you can see, the rain drops swell in droplets on the surface of the paintwork and is unlike the regular water patches often seen on untreated surfaces.

Here's an unbiased review on how the Beeds Ceramic Coating fair under the following conditions.


Thanks to the nano technology, bird droppings do not stick onto the paintwork and removing any with a wet tissue is now a walk in the park. In most cases, no soaking is required. Even on hotter surfaces like the bonnet, those nasty droppings simply do not 'bond' onto the paintwork that easily, giving you a little more time to act. Thus, mitigating some potential acidic poop etching.


Washing is now a breeze because the treated surface is smoother and repels water. It's like the car felt more 'aerodynamic' and there was literally less resistance each time you sponge over her. As a result, the effort for washing had been greatly reduced. While the coating is resistant to most car shampoos, I use Meguire's NXT wash because it is pH neutral compared to other wash and waxes. Hopefully, I could prolong the life of the ceramic coating with the pH friendly shampoo. 


One of the distinctive advantages was the ability to completely dry the car without watermarks. Since the paintwork now beads water, drying after a complete wash could be accomplished with a single stroke of a highly absorbent micro fibre cloth.

I can't emphasise more but the Beeds does kick ass and comes highly recommended. Check out the video to see how the Beeds repel water.

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