Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest

When we talk cars and passenger safety, one of the unfavourable scenarios of having a child on a booster seat was the lack of headrest support during journeys, especially when they fall asleep. I mean, you can have all those safety features like airbags, crumple zones and all but if your passengers aren't seated well to begin with, nothing else matters.

My daughter is five and is now on the booster. Many a time, she falls asleep in the car and slouches to the sides in a very undesired manner. A valid safety concern as the conventional seat belt wouldn't be much help in the event of a collision.

In my quest to find a headrest support, I came across this product from Cardiff that mounts to most conventional detachable rear headrest and got it off the web directly from Cardiff for USD39.90. Unfortunately, the shipping to Singapore was USD40 and I ended up paying through my nose for this one. I guess I didn't have much of a choice because I couldn't find it locally at the stores. Just so you know, Walmart and most American online stores do not shop internationally either.

A five minute install was all it took and everything was in place. The good thing about the Cardiff was that the side supports could be swivelled upwards with a push of a button to accomodate regular passengers.

An innovative product with universal mounts, you can take it anywhere to most vehicles with conventional headrests.

We have been using this for almost two weeks now and I must say that the merits for this accessory is priceless. Today, my girl sleeps safer for journeys because the safety belt is always across her chest thanks to the better sitting posture.

A highly recommended product for those with booster seats.

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