Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Review (Part 2)

And so it seems that dealing with coin sized dents and dings are part and parcel of life as a car owner because others at the parking lots do not seem to want to respect the property of others.

Deliberate or not, the consequences are inevitable but folk out some cash for a fix and you will soon realise that it is not the end of the world.

For that matter, I knew who the exact culprit was (thanks to my Blackvue) but as it was unintentional and because money makes the world go round, it was perhaps a wise decision not to come to a dispute with a 3rd party over something that can be fixed with tens of dollars. 

Taking some time off work today, I made a trip down to PDR to fix one coin sized dent. Yes, one pathetic dent but it makes me sleep better once this little eye sore is cured.

As usual, a quick assessment by PDR's specialist and the dent was labelled to be 95% recovery case. How humble were these folks but based on my experience with PDR, the end result would usually be close to perfection or if not, perfection!

After some quick stress relief taps with the dent removal tool and a little panel massage from the rear of my fender yield the end result. Seems the whole 'incident' could effectively be wiped out from my memory because my fender had been restored. For S$30 and in 5 minutes, it was like my parking incident never happened.

Anything for a dent free GT86 because PDR has done it once again...

Visit Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) for more details.

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