Meanwhile in Hong Kong.....

I found myself immersed with my little obsession again. While there was no concrete plan in visiting the toy stores, I couldn't help myself while the girls were asleep at the hotel.

So, being a little adventurous, I took the train to Wan Chai station and just along a small street across exit A3 was the ever popular Hung Hing Toys. Famed for their range of car models, I was left with more cars to buy than the dollars I had.

Basically, I was consumed and I won't lie because I did 2 trips of shopping right there on separate occasions. Just like an addict heading back to the dealer for more crack, the thought of being surrounded by Tomicas sucked me right in like a black hole.

So I got a decent amount of limited series Tomica, some highly detailed 1/64s from Kyosho and the 1/43 scale handmade Hi-Story Spoon Civic and Nismo Z. I really loved the yellow Spoon Civic!

One other shop that had a very good range of Tomicas was at In's Point. While I was there for a brief 10 minutes, I bought a decent selection of over 10 Tomica models before the good wife started yelling.

In total, I bled a cool S$660 or so on my little toys, way more than expected. Hong Kong is a real jem for such stuff second to Japan.

Call me crazy but I just couldn't help it... 

Here are some close ups of my best buys.

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