A New Year's Resolution

2015 had certainly been quite a year for me. With breathtaking events like the HKS Premium Day at Fuji International Speedway to tracking the Lexus RC-F around Sepang International Circuit, it was without a shadow of a doubt a tough year to beat.

And as if all was not exciting enough, I bought my GT86; an unplanned and totally unexpected leap after sleepless nights of YouTube videos that fuelled my obsession towards the 21st century version of the legendary Hachi-Roku. 

Since 2015 was unquestionably one of the best years for me, what would I make out of 2016? It's difficult to say if I could better the excitement with a chain of car events but I do have some significant plans for the 86 going.

For a start, my 86 is now in the midst of getting a fresh coat of pearl white paint. With the superficial damages on her body fixed, she's going to look as good as new to begin with.

Retracing my fundamentals of tuning, nothing is more important than good grip and braking torque. Inspired by it's lightweight design and race proven performance, I am eagerly waiting for the arrival of my staggered Advan RGIII rims and Advan Sport slicks. With those 18 inch wheels, I would then be able to rebuild my AP Racing brake system with a new set of 355mm brake disc, HEL steel braided hoses and a master cylinder stopper from Beatrush. 

With the HKS Hi-Power Spec-L always on song with the evergreen characteristics of a JDM exhaust drone, there will be plans to improve the way the FA20 breathes. 

To enhance the display of showmanship, more colours and performance parts will be added to enhance the looks of the engine bay and overall reliability. 

That said, I'm counting on it that 2016 be a significant milestone for my Hachi-Roku. The investment of time and money to build a remarkable car will result to much financial sacrifices but the satisfaction of being behind the wheel of an iconic 86 is pure pride and joy.

Staying tuned is the only way to find out for sure...

Happy 2016 to all!

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