My GT86 Dilemma

I have always been a big fan of the GT86 and now that my 2 girls have grown up and are technically no longer babies, I have been seriously considering if I should jump into it and submit to the legendary world of drift.

As crazy as it sounds, I am talking about giving up my beloved Lexus GS for a tiny Toyota 2+2. Frankly, I love everything about my GS. It's comfortable, reliable, spacious, looks great and has a relatively powerful motor. A true family work horse with sporty characteristics after I threw in some aftermarket parts.

If I do embark on this journey, I will have to give up the V6 for a 4-cylinder boxer that only produces 197bhp and barely over 200Nm of torque. They girls have to cramp into a 2+2 (assuming their Recaro child seat fits behind) and there will no longer be much comfort for our daily journeys. Furthermore, I am not sure how my wife will buy into the idea although she seemed open enough. Deep down, I know she always wanted an SUV.

The other issue is cost. Here, in sunny Singapore, cars are really expensive. We are talking about USD115,000 for a new GT86 and about USD230,000 for Lexus's RC350. Henceforth, the latter is out of the question although I love the RC350 as well. Trading up my 7 year old GS would only get me about USD60,000 and I would have to bleed through my nose for the rest.

Putting aside all that cost, lack of interior space and the fact that I will have to sacrifice the Lexus badge, it is worth noting that the GT86 is the successor of the legendary AE86. Although I am a touch disappointed with the fact that it could have been pumped with more horses for the price, there is almost nothing not to like about the new 86. I love the looks, the interior and did I mention those instruments? The huge tachometer really rocks! Well at least that's my opinion thus far.

I guess it is time to hit the showroom for some assessment...

Any opinions? Would any of you take the dive in my position?

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