Dixcel SD Type Brake Disc and EC Type Brake Pad Review

While it is true that my AP Racing CP9040 front set up certainly elevated my braking performance over the stock, I had been running on stock discs and pads for my rears. To be perfectly honest, the AP's were great but the overall system didn't feel completely 'matched' especially under high speed braking for the rear bite just couldn't keep up. 

So on that faithful day of the 28th April, I decided to upgrade my rears for a more holistic performance gain. Today, just over a month and the half after I had the Dixcel SD Type Brake Discs and EC Type Brake Pads installed at the rears and with over 5000 kilometres done, I figure this would substantiate a conclusive review.

To be perfectly honest, I should have done this a long time ago but obviously, I wouldn't have actually 'felt' the differences of the upgrades if I hadn't gone this way.

With the Dixcels at the rear, there was a tremendous improvement of braking control over stock and my GS now brakes with a much shorter distance and with very much better control, especially under wet conditions. Pedal feel was much stiffer (brake fluids and hoses were untouched) and there was an immediate sense of confidence in the drive because the tyres, brakes and suspension felt so synchronised especially during braking and cornering. Based on my conclusions, rear brakes are equally important as an upgraded front. I suppose a 4-pot at the rear would certainly complement a 6-pot front but if you are not up to the investment, the Dixcel discs and pads would suffice for about a S$600 budget depending on size of course.

Quite frankly, I intended to have the M Types all round but due to circumstantial reasons of stock availability, I went for the EC Type. Now I am not going to pretend that the EC Type pads are great in every way so here's my two cents. If you are someone who wants your ride looking at its best all day and can't bear scrubbing your multi-spoke rims, I do not recommend the ECs at all.

From the piechart on the left, Dixcel rated the Anti-Dust capability of the EC at 65 vs 89 for the M Type and I kid you not. Taking reference from the chart, the M Type is a superior pad in almost every way. Off the record, the Anti-Noise capability for the M Types are not great at 58 as 'screeches' are also eminent after some reasonable mileage. Hence, I am expecting the same for the EC unfortunately.

On the right, you can clearly see the difference in brake dust from the equipped M Type (Front) and EC Type (rear). It is also worth noting that the front M Type pads are much larger than the rear ECs. If my APs were running on ECs, go figure...

Even so, my front rims stayed almost "dust free" after the entire week while the rear started to dust up pretty bad.

If I had knew the outcome, I would have waited for the M Types to arrive. The ECs are not bad performers but they certainly mess up the rims just like any other performance brake pads.

In a nutshell, I would recommend Dixcels to anyone for a stock replacement. The SD Type discs comes standard with a durable anti-rust coating (as per all their disc products) that would keep the disc in good condition without colour fade while the slots provide dust evacuation. But take my advise and go for the M Type pads that are made from non steel ceramic fibres if you prefer a no mess, clean look.

For more information visit Dixcel or contact HKS Garage R for stock availability in Singapore.

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