Toyota Announces 86 cB Edition

Toyota recently announced that a cB verison of the ever popular GT86 is expected to be available for the Japanese market this April. With no expected alterations under the hood, the performance specifications of the acclaimed platform remains unchanged from the original 86, FRS and BRZ cousins. cB style includes the cosmetic front and cB badge that will be seen in the inside and on the outside.

To date, the cB style is the most unique special edition out of factory as it features more cosmetic ''fashionable'' styling seen on previous special editions of FRS. To me, the cB looks like a cross between the Mitsubishi FTO of the 90s and the current GT86, making the drift machine a little more ''lady-like'' and sexy.

With sharp and long bumper LEDs and fender grille illuminations, the cB is given a blend of futuristic design to its beautifully curved architecture.

It is still unsure if this stylish version will ever find its way onto shores outside of Japan but it would be nice to see this fashionable 86 in the hands of fans worldwide.

Maybe, this was Toyota's Valentine's Day gift to the ladies...

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