Love'em Carbon Fiber Door Pillar Covers

Finally, after months of procrastination, I found the time to have my carbon fiber door pillars installed. No doubt, it was certainly a quick DIY 'thing' but I just couldn't find the time because of my work schedules, frequent business trips and looking after my 2 little girls. Okay you got me, those were lame excuses because I could have stayed up a little late on any other night to get them done which I didn't so let's move on...

If you must know, finding good 'stuff' for my Lexus GS is almost impossible in Singapore and I happen to come across this from 3A Motor on eBay. At USD64.99, I bought it instantly with no questions asked because it was real carbon fiber and not a cheap knock-off.

Frankly, I would recommend the carbon fiber door pillars from 3A Motor to anyone because the quality is excellent from the carbon fiber itself right to the 3M adhesive back. The packaging was exceptionally shipped too as it included inner sponges to keep the panels flat within the box. Thumbs up for this Taiwanese based company! Fitment was almost perfect but I had to trim one of the smaller ones for my rear door because the rubber seal of the window was not equal from side to side. (Lexus's bad unfortunately and not the issue of the carbon fiber pillar panel covers...)

So after I got them on, it was so cosmetically beautiful that they even caught the attention of my dad who complimented it. The only regret that exists is not having them installed when they arrived last year. Yes, they have been sitting in the box for some 4 months! Silly me...


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