Yokohama Advan dB v551 Review (Part 3)

If you must know, the circumference of the earth (at the equator) is approximately 40,075.16 kilometres.

While I am no geography expert or limo driver, I am proud to say that I have 'technically' driven around the planet with my v551s.

To my surprise, these Japanese made tyres actually held up to its name and survived over 40,000 kilometres under my hands. As I do not recall any particularly high treadwear claims from Yokohama, the v551s were certainly impressive for a 30/35 profile. If not for the uneven wear from the 245/35R19 fronts, my 275/30R19 rears would have gone another 10,000 kilometres easily.

But as you know, safety is paramount and in view of the monsoon weather at this part of the world, my v551s had to go.

The drive?

I would be lying if I told you that the tyres would still perform as good as new. Obviously, it did not. While there we no performance issues in dry conditions under normal driving conditions, I could not say the same for hydroplaning or aquaplaning as some may call it. With the thinning of the hydroplaning grooves and the wear of the evacuation ribs, the steering would pull to either direction over a layer of water and it was obvious that its time was about up.

The sound department...

With brute honesty, my Lexus had turned into a truck and my ears would hurt every time I hit the highway. Somehow, I had to turn the Mark Levinson up to mask the road noise. It was really that bad. I believe that the compound had somewhat 'stiffen' by now and I felt like I was driving a train.


If you still don't get it, you're probably deaf. Get it changed.

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