HKS Premium Day 2015

So I finally made it to Fuji International Speedway and I was greeted by an influx of highly tuned JDM machines like the vintage Mazda RX-7s from the 80s to the NSX of the 90s and not forgetting the up to date and almighty R35 Godzillas. 

 Here are some snapshots from the 2015 HKS Premium Day, courtesy of yours truly. But first, let's check out the featured products at the HKS Premium Salon.

 The HKS fluids...

 Timing belts...

 The heart of the mighty Godzilla...


 The Hipermax IV GT, excellent handling with surprisingly awesome street comfort. The perfect coilover for the daily driver. Did I mention that I am still awaiting the delivery of my set?


Blow-off valve...

Anyone for a drag? Check out black line's setup.
Look at the size of that intercooler! It's the most massive I have ever seen!

 Frankly, I fell so in love with Shell Engineering's GT86. It was love at first sight and the best car at the show. Although the GT86 will never cough out big ponnies like the GTRs or its RCF cousin, the relatively new platform is certainly one with lots of potential in the tuning field. The most handsome GT86 of all time!

Love the front and the flawless paintwork. I'm indeed a sucker for mirror blacks!

Sexy red hot Lexus GS. Very well balanced in colour scheme and kitted right with carbon fibers.

These aren't JDMs! But what the hell, how often do you see an F40 and an SLS AMG with gulwing doors?

 Hats off for the legendary NSX-R!


Drift cars ready for demo!

Nob Taniguchi's HKS GT86 ready to go...

The view of the drift from my track bus...

 Female driver for the afternoon HIPERCHALLENGE in her Nismo GTR!

Number 23, the lady driven Nismo R35 Godzilla!

 Endless Z4 coming into the pits after warming up...

HKS GTR1000 returning to pit after warm up... Ok, I kind of missed the shot because it came in too fast. My bad guys...


 Advan GTR Showcar.

 Stretched setup on another cool GT86!

 Entertaining the crowd...


 Ultra cool Nobuteru Taniguchi before his hot lap.

It is possible to hit over 300km/h on the straights of Fuji Speedway! I think the HKS GTR came really close.

 Mission accomplished. Taniguchi achieved his target of 1:37:773 with the HKS GT1000 R35 rated at 1200bhp.
The Endless Z4 made it at 1:40:543. Great run!

 From the HKS Pit.

 The carbon fiber filled cockpit.

 Craft Square

That's one hell of a splitter!


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