What Gasoline Is Best?

I have been using Caltex Platinum 98 Techron for the longest time and I recently swapped to Esso's Synegy 8000 because of nothing more than convenience. 

Well, I guess convenience and price is paramount to most commuters and sadly, the Caltex station at my area lost its tender to the mightier feline which left me surrounded by 3 Esso stations since the middle of this year. If you must know, the price of Synergy 8000 is somewhat lower than Caltex's Platinum 98 by 4 cents a liter as of yesterday. Alright, that adds up to savings of just above two bucks per tank for my GS but the point was really convenience.

From experience (on my older 1NZ-FE engine), V-Power and 98 Ron fuels burns best while anything under 98 Ron was 'sluggish' with bad mileage. So the effect of the type of fuel really depends on the engine.

While I am not sure as yet if it was purely psychological but I do feel that my 3GR-FSE doesn't rev up as effortlessly as compared to when I was using 98 Techron. Quite simply put, I found that Caltex's Platinum 98 is somewhat similar in class to Shell's V-Power (but at a slightly lower price). Comparatively, the Synergy 8000 felt like it was lacking some 'juice'.

Now let's see what the mileage will reveal...

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