Damn It, The Bumper Lip Scrapes

Within the first week, my good wife took our car out for the day, completely forgot that front was lower and scraped it onto the carpark exit ramp of a shopping mall and the lip came loose. Let's put it this way, it was definitely not her fault because I put the lip there.

Now the thing is, a 5.5 inch clearance above the ground still proved to be insufficient for a place like Singapore. Being a small city where almost everything is closely spaced, we are practically surrounded by many steep ramps and huge speed bumps that look like molehills! 

Seriously, I had the same issue with my Corolla. But this was worst.

Today, I scraped the lip at the bottom of a steep ramp despite being dead slow and careful. I'm wondering if this is how life's going to be from this point forward. I love the look of the lip and not to mention, the effort I went through to make good the shabby fitment quality but if this continues, it's certainly going to alter my lifestyle as it would restrict me to not driving to certain locations. That certainly sucks.

What's worst is that with the arrival of my HKS Hypermax IV GT, things won't get any better. Maybe, I wouldn't even be able to make it home.

Honestly, I am contemplating if I should uninstall the front lip and revert to stock. But my wife suggests I ride it out and await the Hypermax before deciding. Else, this would be a complete waste of time, effort and money. At least take a couple of pictures while she sits on the new tires and coil-overs? Somehow, she did make sense. Only issue was that these 'restrictions' aren't exactly very fair to her.

Still contemplating... Readers' thoughts please.

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