Preventive Maintenance at Garage R (HKS Technical Factory)

And so after stretching some 4,000 km beyond the mark, I finally set aside some time today to send her in for a regular lubricant change (HKS of course) and checks. What can I say apart from being really busy these days.

Earning a buck these days proves to be a challenge and keeping this V6 running is certainly no exception. Thankfully, Japanese reliability is uncontested till this day and I'm grateful to the brilliant engineers who have contributed to this legacy. 130,000 kilometres thus far and apart from fare wear and tear, it's all been good.

Quite honestly, having my ride done up at Garage R has always been a joy. Just look at the level of cleanliness and professionalism the guys maintain and you will just be back for more. Their new workshop is certainly a blast. With more workshop space and all, everyone seems more comfortable as the new facility accommodates better.

Not to mention the occasional exhaust notes from the well know Godzilla, waiting for my ride to be done has always been inspiring and heavenly.

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