Tower Strut Blues

Before we get into the whole "Why bother" debate, I would just like to say that this probably only works for an idiot like me.

Yes, this doesn't add another 5 horsepower to my engine nor does it improve handling in any way but I just couldn't stand the fact that Ultra Racing couldn't even place their logo in the middle of my strut bar. How irritating is that to see the logo off-center each time I pop the hood.

That's one real eye sore I had since rectified.

Here's what happened... I got up one morning and had this idea of making my tower strut look more aesthetic. Thanks to broadband and the world wide web, I bought a set of Lexus decals from Sticker Culture and they were mailed to be for a couple of bucks.

With a little patience, some solvent and fingernail work, I got the Lexus logo slapped on and my white tower strut was beautified. 

The rest was history. I love the outcome!

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