Let There Be Light...

I'll begin this week's article by saying that nothing better completes a tuned ride than High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps. Put it this way, it is a street known fact that anything that turns heads has to either be:

a) loud
b) shining
c) expensive
d) has bright HIDs
e) all the above

If this was a multiple choice question, I'd only fulfilled (b) and (d). Well, (e) would have been the ideal answer but never mind.  My point is that nothing that carried yellow beams ever made it to the magazines. No disrespect to the vintage community but the cars of today are not equipped with Grandpa's torch-lights. Instead, they have projector headlamps and aggressive front LEDs that would make your hair stand.

So once and for all, it was time for a mid-life upgrade and my weapon of choice was a full set of 8000k lamps. 

Over in the world on JDM, that's the per-requisite to getting it all together. Let there be light...

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