BlackVue DR500GW HD Review

So my wife insisted that I have the popular BlackVue in-dash camera installed as 'insurance'. Understandably, she was once a victim of a hit & run case on the highway some years back and that resulted in her losing her entire No Claims Discount (NCD). If we had a BlackVue at that time, things may have ended up differently.

In this regard, I ended up investing about half a grand on a device that I would probably never need. Seriously, I don't want this to ever come into good use. (You know what I mean...)

Nevertheless, the BlackVue DR500GW HD is an awesome in-dash camera. Featuring a 123 degree wide field of view (horizontal) and a 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution, this little gadget produces really high resolution recordings. In the night, the images were rather clear thanks to the ultra sensitive CMOS sensor. 

What's unique about the DR500GW is that it streams live video to your iPhone or Andriod device via Wi-Fi. This means that you get real time recordings on your mobile device so you'll know if your camera is recording. Unfortunately, the live stream video tends to be slightly 'choppy' (perhaps due to the large file size). Nevertheless, playbacks are fine.

The BlackVue also features an embedded GPS location file in the recorded video stream so you can track your location in the event that video evidence is needed. Vehicle speed and time will also be displayed at the bottom of every recording. In parking mode, a G-sensor picks up the slightest bump to your vehicle and can be viewed like a data logger. Certainly pretty impressive stuff. Did I mention that she talks too?

If you have some loose change to spare, I am suggesting you invest a little more on the Power Magic. This module serves as a proper on/off switch for the camera as well as a automatic "cut off" feature to ensure that your vehicle's battery voltage does not go under 12 volts due to prolonged recording. This would be particularly useful especially if your vehicle was left unattended for days.

Though on the pricey side, this is highly recommended for your safety on the road today.

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