Black Or White

It has always been a luxury to have two generations of GS goodness at my disposal for they are both very different in nature.

My 3rd Generation GS is silky smooth and less aggressive in almost every way. However, whatever seemed 'lacking' had been compensated for with larger rims and staggered slicks that houses a pair of 355mm 2-piece rotors and AP Racing calipers within.

The 4th Generation GS belongs to my old man. And as expected, it is bone stock F-Sport stuff. Specifications wise, this "white devil" needs no introduction. The 3.5L V6 revs with such a wonderful note that it makes 'gunning' the engine feel like the right thing to do. Basically, it was not built to go slow. 

Did I mention the in-car entertainment? Well, the Mark Levinson system that came with this GS350 certainly put the one in mine to shame. To be honest, these audio systems cost so much over the baseline models that it's almost like as if Toyota threw in a 'free' Lexus after buying a premium Mark Lev!

Then again, apart from all the media glare and all that has been said about the new 4th Generation GS, I still think that the 3rd Generation has a nicer ass. But the truth is, because both generations delivered perfection unique in its own right, making it quite difficult to conclude which is the better car. In terms of brute power and vehicle dynamics, the 4th Generation F-Sport is the way to go, but if what you are looking for is a better ride and space, the 3rd Generation rules.

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