Replicate The Replicas?

I am really unsure if I should classify this as a joke of the day or a serious topic but I will try to relate the weight of the message to the best of my ability.

Well, as published on, Phillippine Aluminium Wheels Inc. (PAWI), the manufacturer of ROTA has issued a statement to warn customers of fake China made ROTA wheels on the market.

Now let's take a step back and look at the bigger picture. ROTA's designs are replicas of big brands like Volk Racing and Advan, just to name a few; and now someone out there is replicating their products.

Hmm...this sounds hilarious. It's like a mugger who got mugged after he had finished mugging a lady of her Grandma's pearls! In a situation such as this, does the former mugger scream for help or call the police?

Go figure.

For full article, kindly click on the following link:

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