AP Racing CP 9040 Review

What's the point of having all that horsepower when you can't stop? Many a time, most enthusiasts spent tonnes of money to get more ponies from the block but fail to realise that it is just as wise to invest in a good set of brakes.

Braking torque, it seems, comes at an outrageous price. I won't sugar coat this but good brake kits do come at a cost. Dependent on the set-up, most 6 pot brake kits retail anywhere from S$4000-S$6000 and if it matters at all, you should expect more brake dust and noise in general.

After some market evaluation of kits from big names such Brembo and StopTech, I decided to go for AP Racing due to cost effectiveness and also caliper design. 

My requirements were simple, I wanted better braking torque, a stiffer pedal feel, less brake fade and everything one would expect from a brake upgrade but no screeching noises and low brake dust. Unfortunately, the only way I could achieve my requirement was to get a custom kit. In this regard, I got the experts from Garage R to build me a custom set-up that comprised of the following:

1. AP Racing CP9040 6-Pot Calipers
2. 355mm x 32mm Slotted 2-Piece Rotors
3. Dixel M-Type Brake Pads
4. 4 x HEL Stainless Steel Brake Lines
5. HKS BF5 Super Brake Fluid

After a month's worth of patience and quite a gamble, the job was done after everything arrived from various parts of the world. To be honest, I was most impressed with the Dixel brake pads as there was no noise and less brake dust than the stock pads. Even so, those things really bite and I would definitely recommend this for street driving. Accompanied by a firmer pedal feel (thanks to the complete set of HEL hoses all around), the overall braking is excellent as expected.

Was it all worth all that money, just for the street? Who gives a damn when you are into tuning cars...

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