Yokohama Wheels Model AVS T5

There are several advantages to using a lightweight performance wheel. As the theory of the reduction of unsprung mass suggests, the lighter the wheel, the better the traction, ride comfort, acceleration and braking.

Pound for pound, the Yokohama AVS Model T5 is one of the lighter cast alloy performance rims around. As per spec, a 19x8.5 T5 weighs some 9.5kg but in reality, it felt lighter as I could pick up my 19x9 fitted with 275/30R19 single handed. Seriously, it was the lightest set of wheels I have carried for this size. 

It was time to find out if my whole investment lived up to the promise. The truth? The most notable improvement was the power delivery after 3700rpm. Somehow, the whole experience synchronised very well with my intake system because it was exactly when my V6 'growled' at 3700rpm that the mid-range torque was more significant. With the new T5s, the car felt 'lighter' in every expect. It was like I had some 100 kilograms of mass removed from the trunk!

Not far from exaggerated but I truly appreciated the performance gain. I urge you to give genuine performance rims a try. You'll be truly surprised.

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