Car Cabin A/C Filter

Quite frankly, most drivers fail to understand the importance of a cabin air-condition filter. In fact, some may not even realize that one exists! I am not sure about the cars today but in the past, not all cars came with cabin filters.

Given the worsening situation of our air quality these days (especially the issue of Haze we get annually from neighboring Sumatra), it would be worth getting one installed for your car. Obviously, this is no N95 filtrate but at least it would keep the larger particles from getting into your cabin. As a bonus, it will even prolong the life of your air-conditioning cooling coil.

Last I checked, the local Lexus dealer charges north of S$200 for an OE filter! I kid you not but I suppose we now know that the coffee and the beautiful waiting lounge at the showrooms come at a price. Apologies for breaking the news to those who got 'served' but you can get the same OE filter from the local stockist at about S$30. So, if you thought that there was something special about the OE paper filter purchased from the dealers, go figure...

Today, I purchased an aftermarket air filter for my Lexus at S$35. Not sure if it's really carbon but there's some black stuff in there all right. Certainly far from the more expensive Japanese/Korean made carbon filters but it sure looks better than the stock OE filter. Given the price, replacing it every 6 months isn't exactly going to hurt that bad.

With nothing more than 5 minutes of my time, I got it replaced after removing everything from the glove box. How cool is that? Sometimes, with a little effort, one can go a long way in terms of savings.

Breathe well people...

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