Wheels On Loan...

As weird as it seems, this is my 3rd Generation GS with the rims from the latest 4th Generation. I know, it doesn't really look pretty but my tires were getting really bald and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my AVS T5s.

Thanks to a good friend, I have this set of 1 month old wheels on loan till my rollers arrive. Although the stock Dunlop SP Sport Maxx isn't the best set of rubbers around, it certainly puts my extremely worn Bridgestone Adrenalins to shame.

Because I do not enjoy hydroplaning, I had to compromise aesthetics for function and safety during this short period of time. Seriously, this is as good as it gets as I am technically wearing out rubber that is not mine. In view of the current situation, I am certainly not too concerned about the shipping delays as I am driving safe.

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