Project Kics REVO R40 Composite Lug Nuts

After viewing the options, I decided to put my money on the Project Kics R40 composite lug nuts to compliment my set of AVS T5s. Thankfully, I managed to get it at a 25% discount from the distributor at the Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore. Considering the price I got them, it was quite a bargain.

Here's why I spent a couple of hundreds on proper lug nuts.

First of all, these lug nuts are made from SCM435 steel and unlike those made from alloys, they do not wear out so quickly over time. Technically, they should outlast my set of wheels if handled well.

The R40s also have a lock nut feature and a special socket was included for the 4 locking nuts. This would be a deterrent feature towards wheel theft. Although this is a rare issue in Singapore, I would still like to safeguard my investment.

Now what's really unique about the R40s is the 2-piece design that allows the nut to rotate independently from its tapered A7075-T6 aluminium base. Thus, preventing damage of the lug nut surface of expensive aftermarket alloy wheels in the event of over torquing. The R40s also incorporate a plastic cap for the top of the nut assembly to reduce water ingression. Thus, protecting the wheel stud threads from rust.

Although a little pricey, I have assessed this to be one of the better sets around. Moreover, they are made in Japan and close examination of its quality assured me that money was well spent.

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