Lamborghini Veneno

Much had been said and written about the limited edition Lamborghini Veneno that was revealed at Geneva and more so, the 3 gentlemen who paid some US$4 million for each masterpiece before even seeing it. Dominated by layers of carbon fibre, the Veneno was built on the Aventador chassis but refined with a focus on optimum aerodynamics and weight reduction. All these engineering adds up to a better power-to-weight ratio to propell this street beast to 220mph with a 0-60mph time of under 3 seconds!

Although I would agree that the Veneno is a real piece of art, it really looks like something that cam out of the set of a Batman movie. At stock, it is well qualified to be a Batmobile in terms of looks and performance. According to the Lamborghini designers, the carbon fibre rims were specially designed to maximise aerodynamics as well. Unfortunately, they look really ugly in my personal opinion.

Check out this other Veneno (pictured below) with ADV.1 wheels. Wouldn't you agree it looks much more exciting?

Nevertheless, there are only 3 of these to be built and I doubt that I would ever see one in my life time. Having said that, I can only say that the owners should certainly handle this ride with care.

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