BMW M4 Concept, A Sneak Of The M3?

As always, concepts have never failed to impress. But the whole intent of its showcase is usually steered towards a marketing plot for upcoming models. Henceforth, we can expect the upcoming M3 Coupe to look something like the M4 Concept.

BMW has done it again as this is by far the best looking M-Series Coupe ever. With the nicely design streamline body with clearly defined lines and five twin spoke rims, this is one road killer set out for 2014. The body kit is simply amazing as it speaks for itself. It's not too loud like some other makes and it retains that 'class' while putting up a fierce front. Like a civilised beast, the silver is tame but yet engaging with the outstanding headlamps.

With the new power plant expected to produce some 450bhp, this would be a joy to drive. What else can I say... Simply amazing.

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