Who is The Naked Rally Driver?

Alright, so her name is Inessa Tushkanova. Born in Ukraine in 1987 and moved to Moscow. In short, she is a professional rally driver who recently got naked for Playboy.

The talk of motor sports for 2013? Maybe... She has recently progressed to the Finnish Rally Championships in 2013.

What's her story? According to some web sources, when interviewed by Playboy, Inessa said:  

"Nobody likes women in racing sport, which is traditionally dominated by men, because it's easier for us to attract sponsors. This magazine is prestigious enough and helps with PR." 

You may have to get your hands on a copy of the Russian, Lithuanian or Ukrainian issue of Playboy to find out the full story.

Unfortunately, I am not about to post hotter pictures of Inessa on my blog, so I suggest that you Google her for the heck of it. 

More information is also available on her official website.

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