The Expensive Tire Shine Applicator

The good wife recently embarked on a business trip to the United States and I got her to get me a couple of these tire shine applicator sponges via online shipping.

In all brute honesty, she couldn't believe that I made her pay 10 bucks for one of these sponges with a blue handle. Originally, I was looking for the ones made by Meguiar's but they do not seem to make them no more.

Nevertheless, this was the only good alternative and I just had to have them. Yes, they cost a damn bomb but I just want my hands clean when I am applying the tire shine. Who wouldn't? Apart from those who do not groom their cars or got it done by a paid service, I suppose there isn't much choice when I can no longer find one in country.

I threw my original Meguiar's applicator away after 5 years. Yes, 5 years of good use at a depreciating rate of a buck a year ain't that bad for keeping my hands clean. 

Since this costs 10 bucks, the depreciation is now 2. Darn... It had better last!

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