Running On Empty

Quite frankly, I would never have attempted to run this much on vapour if I wasn't living in a city. Although I had confidence in the engineering of Lexus, running out of fuel with my wife and daughter in the car was the last thing anyone would want.

Thankfully, I made it to the station with a remaining range of 7 kilometres. Technically, I was certain that there was a safety 'buffer' in place but try convincing the good wife and it would be a challenge.

Enough said. Bottom line was that I have verified that I could in fact driven all the way till the cruising range indicated zero because I had only managed to pump some 63 odd liters into the tank. As a matter of fact, I could have gone past zero!

This goes to show that the trip computers in my Lexus GS300 is credible. Still I wouldn't push my luck too far. It is, after all a 3.0L V6 power plant.

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