World's Lowest Profile?

As ridiculous as it looks, this is a 365/15R24 tire from Nexen. I can't imagine running on something like this because I am not convinced on the safety aspect at higher speeds.

What would it be like running over a pebble at 60mph? Even if those tires hold up, the impact would seriously attack your back. I mean literally attack your back!

It is quite obvious that any car running on those wheels will not have anything close to a soft suspension so comfort is definitely out of the window. 365/15 on a 24 inch set of rollers? Those numbers itself just seems so impossible to conceive!

Thus far, the only 2 brands I know that produces a profile sized 15 tire are Kumho and Nexen. Definitely not a coincidence but both are South Korean tire manufacturers.

While I am not sure how many dudes would have this on their rides but this reminded me of the little 4x4 Tamiya racecars I use to play with as a child. You know, the small palm sized cars then speed around really quick around those plastic racetracks powered by a "HyperDash" motor?

I really wonder if someone would feature "High-Mount Rollers" anytime soon at the CES show. Having that on a GTR would be a real sight. Or not...

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