Scratch Removal for Mirror Black Cars

One of the most painstaking issues of maintaining a mirror black finish are surface scratches and swirls. This is even more devastating to our male egos particularly in a tropical climate like sunny Singapore. In this part of the world, our rides are constantly subjected to rain, bird droppings, dust and of course, the scotching sun.

So, if you are in the community of car crazy people with an "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" (ODC), a good wash and glaze/sealant once a week is highly recommended to maintain that showroom mirror black shine.

The thing about tropical rain in a city is that much residue from the pollutants in the air coats the surface of the car after being 'baked' under the sun and touching or brushing the surface of the car with your bare hands will result in scratches on the topcoat of a mirror black finish. Sounds exaggerated? I kid you not but it is true as this is obviously visible on mirror black finish as pictured above.
This was exactly happened to me last week and a fix was needed. Here's how it was done.

1. Wash your car thoroughly with Meguiar's NXT car shampoo to remove all dirt and road grime.
2. Apply a decent amount of Meguiar's Ultimate Polish onto a sponge applicator pad.
3. Apply to area of scratch in a clockwise motion until area is blurred.
4. Buff off with Meguiar's microfiber polishing cloth until surface is smooth and glossy.
5. Repeat step 4 if necessary for improved results.
6. Finally, apply thin coat of Meguair's Synthetic Sealant 2.0 to remove swirls and protect surface.
7. Allow to dry for about 15 minutes and buff off with Meguiar's microfiber polishing cloth.

*Disclaimer: Personally, I have tried numerous commercial products and found Meguiar's to be the most suitable for mirror black applications. Do note that results may vary from product to product and severity of the scratches.

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