Yokohama Advan dB

As much as I could recall, I have never invested in Yokohama tyres because all of their products were of the extremes. Put it simply in words, the Advan Neova is an excellent performer that is unbearably noisy while the Aspec Decibel (dB) was a quiet mouse with less than the average traction. The Advan Sport apparently lies in between but the feedback I got from some users suggests that it's more into the noisy region. Do not get me wrong, Yokohama makes great tyres but nothing really seemed to fit the bill for the performance luxury car. Until recently...

Launched early last year, the dB range has since joined the Advan range of tyres, reflecting premium compound technology for performance as well as ride comfort. Apparently, Yokohama has taken the feedback from their customers seriously and the Advan team has gotten to some serious work to bring us the Advan dB!

Quite frankly, I have not driven one (as yet) but based on the positive reviews, it seem apparent that the slicks are doing justice to the performance luxury car market. Performance in both the wet/dry conditions were rather impressive with good cornering characteristics thanks to the newly strengthen side walls and tyre compound.

A visual inspection and I noticed that the compound was rather sticky. In fact, it seemed a touch stickier than the AD08! Well, at least that's what my fingers told me but I could be wrong once the AD08 is all warmed up.

Whatever the case, I decided to jump in to see what all the 'fuss' was about and ordered a set of Advan dBs (with a new set of AVS T5s) for my Lexus. Unfortunately, due to limited stock of the T5s (thanks to the staggered configuration I so badly wanted), I will not be getting my slicks until late March next year so all I can do is to hope and pray that my current Potenzas hold up till then.

As the saying goes, good things are worth waiting for...

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