Lexus LF-CC To Hit The Roads By 2015

Finally, Lexus has officially announced that the LF-CC Concept has been given the green light for production and it is expected to hit the roads by 2015. This marks upcoming competition for the BMW 6 series as well as the Audi A5s.

As usual, Lexus has always been teasing everyone about the looks of their upcoming models and rumour has it that the upcoming IS range would spot similar resemblance to the LF-CC Concept. Better still, some say that the new IS will also be available as a 2-door variant. If so, I'm pretty sure that Lexus has every indention for a 2-door ISF as well.

I for one am a Lexus fan and I am certainly looking forward to the upcoming models ahead. Ain't that a pretty thing if I got this for Christmas...

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