Amazing Glaze AG5 Paintwork Restoration

Honestly, I have been trying to remove these water spot stains for the longest time with no success. All attempts to remove these stains by hand is futile.  

After much contemplation, I finally decided to part with a significant amount of money in order to get some good sleep.

Hence, I decided to put my money on the Amazing Glaze AG5. As advertised, this product is used in the aviation industry to protect the paints of Airbuses and Boeings. So I figured that if it could protect a plane, it should protect my car.

The first step was paint restoration whereby water spots, stains and minor scratches are removed and paint is restored almost to showroom condition. Obviously, this was possible at the expense of some level of topcoat from the original paintwork but nevertheless, the result was certainly impressive. Following which, 2 layers of Amazing Glaze is applied to the paintwork and cured. The company guarantees that this water resistant nano technology bonding would last for at least a year and the glaze will protect the paint from acid rains and other stains such as bird droppings and tree saps.

To tell you the truth, I am quite a skeptic over such claims but in desperate times, I was willing to give it a go. Thus far, after my first wash and shampoo, the water bleeds off the car well enough. As you can see, my paint is now spotless with a true piano black finish.

While I must say that a 1 year warranty against stains certainly sounds too good to be true, it didn't stop this company from making such a bold claim.

Nevertheless, money has been invested and I am very happy with the restoration. Fingers crossed for the glaze. Perhaps regular coasts of sealant would give some added protection. After all, if the AG5 cannot be stripped by washing, an added sealant would just be another layer of protection for the paint work.

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